Friday, 29 November 2013

My 'Susie-day' and a sneak peak at my first giveaway!!

Hi friends!! Wow,this week went by like a flash. The weekend is at our doorstep, and even crazier..december is at our doorstep! Are you ready for the holiday season? Me, not so much yet. I don't think I will get a christmastree this year. As I will be away alot in december. But for some reason I always enjoy sending and receiving christmascards. I already have them ready to be written and sent. In november, yes haha. I love making people happy with a card, what can I say?!
Yesterday I had, what I call a Susie day. There were supposed to be workers in my home, wrecking my floor for some plumbing. But they had to cancel to an unknown date. Well, that to me felt like having a day off! So I declared it Susie day! I did all the things that I wanted to do and nothing else. Luckily I had cleaned my home the day before haha. So I started my day with a long breakfast and with reading my book. I then took an extra long shower and used my showergel more generously then ever before. After that I read some letters from penpals and wrote some of them a letter back. I loooove having penpals!
I then made some tea and finshed my book. I still had some magazines on my table which required my reading too (sounds nice right?!) So that is exactly what I did.
Sounds like a good day so far right? I agree! The weather was quite soft for a fall day in Holland and my frontgarden looked quite messy, so I decided to do some gardening. After that it was already late in the afternoon, and I was busy planning my trip to Paris. Yess!!! I will be in Paris in less then two weeks. Me and a friend who lives in Spain will meet again in Paris, for a few days we will live like Parisians. So exciting!
I ended my Susie day with, ofcourse, watching The Hobbit! What a joyous day it was. Do you ever take some me time? And how would you spend a day like this??
Not to forget, I have my first giveaway coming this weekend! And I have a little sneak peak of what you can expect. More to come very soon!! 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Happy weekend!

Hi friends! It's weekend!! Time ro relax, read a good book, bake a cake, or take a long walk in the woods. I love to take some 'me time' and fill the days with things I love (and every now and then clean the house on a sunday). Tomorrow I am going to bake a cake for my aunt's birthday.  A lovely pear/cinnamon cake, one of my favourite's, especially now in the fall.
Don't you just love this quote by Julia Child? It's oh so true! Every party needs a cake, or two! And if it's a good party, it will have cupcakes as well haha. 
On other news: what do you think of the new lay out? I loooove it. It's so dreamy!! I have to thank my dear friend Jacoline for this beautiful lay out, she wanted to help me redesigning my lay out. She ended up buying this lovely lay out for me as an early christmas present, isn't that the sweetest thing?! I am very happy with the look of Even Sweeter Dreams. But my friend also gave my baking blog Sweetie Pies a make over, which is equally awesome I must say!
Have a great weekend everyone, and do the things you love!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Spotlight: Webshop Sweet and Lovely

Hi friends! Every now and then I come across this incredibly cute webshop that I just have to share this link with everyone I know. I always love buying something original and handmade. That way you have a unique piece and the artist is the one that gets paid. Not some company! So that makes it totally worh it! Even if you pay just a bit more right? Well the webshop Sweet and Lovely, by the talented Kate Gabrielle, offers all sorts of cuteness. From prints and accesories, to templates for your blog. I have purchased some prints from Kate and it all went really smoothly. My favourite items from the shop are Kate's lovely artpieces. I have this piece on my desk right now. In a frame:

But this one is a favourite too!

She has also created some fun kits, like the slumber party kit. It includes a mix tape, microwave popcorn, friendship bracelets and much more fun. How cute is that?!

I will post more of these links soon, maybe a good start for your christmas shopping (wait,...what.. did I say christmas? yikes) And it's alot more fun to share a cute webshop than to keep it to myself! And FYI, these opinions are all my own. Kate Gabrielle, the owner of the shop, doesn't even know I am writing this! Happy shopping everyone!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Keep calm....

Hi friends! Wow, it is really monday and almost mid november already. Can you believe it? It's like I blinked my eyes and it's two weeks later. But worry not, worry not. I am still here! Hahaha.
Life has been a bit busy lately. I actually joined the gym (GASP). I now work out twice a week. I am quite proud of myself for going, even when the weather is shitty and it's cold outside and I just want to sit at home with a cup of tea and a good book. Yep, I still go and sweat my butt off in the gym, yay me! And then when I get home I eat some cookies... maybe not the best to 'celebrate' working out.
Saturday I visited a dear friend who lives in the city of Woerden. Had to travel for about two hours, which is alot for a Dutchie! But it was great to see her, and the city is quite nice. Look at the town hall for example.
The city centre also had a lovely baking/cooking store where I bought a baking book (Peggy Porschen's book  Boutigue Baking), a cupcake plunger thingy (so you can add a filling inside the cupcake) and a cake pop scoop. All in the cutest pastel colours. I am a sucker for pastel!
Aaaaand did anyone see the Hobbit fan event last week??!! Oh boy, it's every fans best night ever. And I wasn't even there live. Just watching on my laptop. For those who have no clue what I am talking about. Peter Jackson, the director of The Hobbit hosted a live event for all the fans. In cinemas across the globe there were actors and fans, for exclusive clips and a Q&A. It was awesome. Mostly because of these two most delightful gentelman. They make me so happy: Richard Armitage and Orlando Bloom.
Well, there you go. A little update on the Even Sweeter Dreams front! I will be back sooner rather than later! And a giveaway is on the horizon too. I mean, I have 200 followers!! If that isn't worth a giveaway, I don't know what is, right?! Have a lovely day everyone!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hello November!

Hi everyone! Can you believe it is November already?? Winter is almost here (well sort of anyway). I am not a fan of the colder weather. I love the sunny fall and winter days, but they are rare unfortunately. Mostly the days are cold, windy and grey. Bah. On those days I just want to sit at home under a blanket and with some tea while watching an episode of The Walking Dead. Baking also helps my mood! The heat of the oven and the smell of freshly baked goods. Just the other day I made coconut/lime cucpakes with a swirl of lime merinque. Alot of fun! And they tunred out to be pretty darn good too.

And last week I was baking for a high tea at my aunt's house. I made a carrot/pisctachio cake and a chocolate cake. They didn't last for long at the high tea!

Later on we added some sandwhiches and other small bites. It was really nice. The cupcake napkins and cute teaboxes (the little boxes you see on the table) added to the prettyness of the table. The cakestands are mine as well, I love collecting those! Just before we started, me , my sister and my two cousins took some pictures together.

We all think the so called duckface look is too funny, so we had fun with that on the right picture haha. My sister is the one on the far left with my cousins in the middle. I am (as I am sure you know) the shorty there haha. It was alot of fun, and not the last time we will have our own high tea. Have a good weekend everyone!