Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Snoopy wants to tell you something

Merry Christmas to every reader of Even Sweeter Dreams! I hope you will all have a stress free and wonderful holiday season. Tomorrow I will host the winter High Tea for my family. Yesterday I have done the first of lots of baking. Made some vanilla cupcakes and shortbread/jam cookies. Today I will bake a carrot cake( my sisters' favourite) and put together a gingerbread house. Haven't done that before, so that will be fun. Hopefully it won't fall apart! I will share pictures of the High Tea after christmas. Right now, I am off to the kitchen to make my oven work. Have a great one, friends!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Giveaway winner announced!!

Hi everyone. It's the crazy few days before christmas. We still have alot of shopping to do, but I am looking forward to it! I will share lots of pics of all the prepping for my winter high tea. I am making my first gingerbreadhouse. So that will be fun!
But on to more serious stuff here. It is time to announce the winner of my giveaway! My very first giveaway, and hopefully more will follow soon. Thanks to those that participated, but the winner is Kelsea Yu! Congratulations on winning the craft package. It will come your way very soon. In a very pretty enveloppe might I add! Not designed by me though. I cannot draw to save my life, for sure.

Enjoy the package Kelsea, and I hope you will send pictures of your crafts! I will post them on the blog.
Have a great weekend everyone and good luck with christmas shopping.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Back from beautiful Paris

Hi my friends! Life has been kinda crazy and hectic the last days. With the holiday season stress and a messy home haha. But finally I have some time to tell you all about my trip to Paris! I have been home now for just 2 days. For some reason it always feels like I have been home longer already, if that makes sense. Normal life quickly starts again and you have to get back to the daily hassle. My suitcase was just unpacked today, so it is time to look back. I can tell you that Paris is very beautiful and we had so much luck with the weather. It was sunny and with a blue sky!
Sacre coeur
There were lots of great christmas markets and pretty lights everywhere. Such a lovely time to visit this great city! We ofcourse bought some typical French macarons. And lovely baguettes, like croissants! You cannot visit Paris and not have a lovely croissant from a boulangerie (bakery). There were also looots of shops selling the usual plastic stuff for tourists. I bought one small Eiffel tower for my nephew.
On the second day of our visit to Paris, we went to the Hanson show for which we actually came to Paris! I was on second row and had a great view of the stage. It was an amazing concert. One of the best that I have see of them, and I have seen them 9 times now. It was a really energetic show with a great setlist. And the great view for me only made it that more enjoyable.

The day after the show (day 3) we did a full tour of all the sights in Paris. The Sacre coeur, as seen on the above picture. After that we went to the Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame and finally the Eiffel Tower again. The day was beautiful, even hot! Just perfect for a walk through the town. 
Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel tower on the second day, when it was misty
I don't have any pictures of the Notre Dame and Louvre just yet. My friend took lots of pictures where I just took some with my phone. So as soon as I have those pictures, I will ofcourse share them here! All in all it was a great and exhausting trip to Paris with some stress but mostly an amazing few days with lots of friends, old and new!
With my friend (blonde girl) and people we met in Paris, old friends and new!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

This music is a place to hide

Hi friends! I have had some crazy days. But only in a good way I must say. This week is totally dedicated to my all time favourite band in the whole wide world: Hanson. Yesterday I went to their show here in Holland. As a member of the fanclub I got to enter the venue early, we got to take a picture with the band (!!), have a 'private' show with 100 other members. It was awesome. And the concert was one of their best yet. Before I tell the rest, I must tell some backstory here I think.
My love for Hanson started with the song that most people still know, Mmmbop. I was instantly in love with this song and with the band. I bought their first album, Middle of Nowhere, with money I was supposed to spend on school supplies. Sorry mom and dad! But buying this album changed my life forever and I couldn't have done a better purchase, ever. 
Since that album I have been following Hanson, every move they made I knew about. When they would release an album, I would buy it. A new video? I would be the first to see it on Mtv. Everything Hanson did I followed on their website and on fansites.
In my early teens I developed a severe form of agoraphobia, which led to me not going outside at all. Only when Hanson would release a single or cd, I would go out and buy it in the store. When I was sad because of my phobia and social anxiety, I would put on my Hanson cd's and they would make me smile again. When they finally came to Holland for a show in 2005, I had to be there. But my phobia was still getting the best of me. My parents were sweet enough to go with me and support me. That night I had the time of my life, through all my fears, I got to see my favourite band live!
Now; 16 years on, 8 concerts later, meet and greets with the band and trips to London where I saw the band play four times. I can say my love for the band has only grown. Tomorrow I will take the train to Paris, where I will see them play a show again. And another meet and greet will happen as well! I hope I don't forget to say 'Thank you' this time around. Thank you guys for your amazing music, your beautiful personalities, for giving me the strength to go outside when my phobia was taking me down, for giving me hope when I didn't see the light and for giving me the best friends that I have in my life who just happen to be Hansonfans as well. To quote a Hanson song: This music is a place to hide!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Instahgwam..say what?!

Hi friends! How have you been this week? I have been a bit flu-ish unfortunately. So I have been lying on the sofa, reading some and writing letters to my new penpals. And, being uber hip, I have joined Instagram finally! It's not very full with pictures and video yet, but I am working on it haha. Want to follow me? You can find my profile here


There is also a video on there which shows you the cute things you can win when you enter my very first giveaway! So do check that out and join the giveaway!
This weekend I am getting mentally ready for my trip to Paris, thinkinf of what to wear and what to wash before I can wear. Things like that! Before I leave I will post a longer story about Paris, I am getting nervous and excited! I am looking forward to eating some real French macarons wooh! For now, have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, 2 December 2013

An Even Sweeter giveaway! Enter now!

Hi friends! To celebrate the blog reaching 200 lovely followers, it is time for the very first giveaway! I have collected a load of supercute stuff, for all lovers of paper, stickers, maskingtape, glitters and all things cute.

What can you win? This package of cuteness contains: An adressbook, a mini notebook, loooots of stickers, a hot pink glittery maskingtape, an eraser in the form of a giraffe, two big stamps, a set of neon coloured labels, a mini masking tape, sticky notes and two polka dot pins.

How to enter and win:

- To enter please be a follower of this blog!

- Leave a comment, I would love to read what you would do with this package if you would win.
- For an added point, join the Even Sweeter Dreams Facebook page.

That's it! The winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the 20th of december. Good luck!