Sunday, 30 June 2013

Even Sweeter Dreams is 1 year old!!

Wow, it has already been a year since I first started this blog here! I can't believe we are already one year older haha. At first I had no idea what I was doing on my blog, sometimes I still don't! Mostly I just wanted a place to share the things that I create, my pictures taken on trips and travels. Over the months that grew into a place where I have come to share all the things that I appreciate in life. From the big things to the small things! A blog that (hopefully) inspires to be creative and enjoy small things like writing a nice letter or bake a cake. I hope to continue to do so for many years to come! I have many fun things planned for this blog, alot of fun DIY's, recipes, pretty pictures, how to organise your own theme party, the best picknick basket and alot of fun quotes that make you think, laugh and dream! I hope you all join my in this new year of Even Sweeter Dreams, there's many more sweetness to come.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Do you follow me?

Hey everyone. As most of you probably know by now, Google Reader will be gone after july 1st. For me, that is how I stay in touch with my of the blogs I follow. Maybe that is the same for you as well? I do have an option: Bloglovin' is, to me, the best alternative. I already follow quite a few blogs through Bloglovin' an dwill continue to do so. With Google Reader gone, I am not sure what is going to happen to Google Friend Connect. I read that it will stay for now, but will most likely dissapear soon. Ofcourse I don't want you, my lovely followers, to leave me! Over this past year I tried my best to gain followers, be it through hops and such. I would love for you all the continue to follow me through Bloglovin'. There is a button on the right side of my blog, where you can follow me through Bloglovin', it's easy peasy! I have alot of fun things planned for the weeks and months to come, so I do hope you will continue to join me on this ride!
Would you like to know how to keep following blogs, through Bloglovin'? Here is a blogpost by the lovely Everyday is a holiday on how to import the blogs you read to Bloglovin'!

To leave you with a wise quote: 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Prague zoo, pics of the flooded but still beautiful zoo!

Hi friends! On my last day in lovely Prague me and my friend went to visit the local zoo. The lowest parts of the zoo were flooded, but the upper parts were still open to public. All the entry money would go to the rebuilding of the zoo, so that was an extra reason for us to go. The weather was beautiful this day, with at least 25 degrees Celcius. The zoo was really nice, still lots of animals there as some were relocated because of the high water. Some that I had never seen before, like wolves and hyena's! And they had this really cool jungle part, with monkey's and a Comodolizard. There was even a waterfall. We had a great time there, too bad that night we already had to leave for home again!

The amazing view from the zoo!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Prague in pictures; day 2 and 3

Hi everyone! Did you have a good weekend? I did some shopping with my mum and boughts some pants on sale. Gotta love sale! Yesterday was just a relaxed day, the weather was so bad, so I decided to watch Game of Thrones again from season 1. It's another year untill season 4, yikes! How to cope?!
I have some new pics of Prague for you. Some from day 2, as that was a day filled with activities. On day 3 we took a small train to the top of a hill and visited a park. The weather then turned really bad, and we stayed in the hotel alot. Day 2 we visited the castle, as you have seen in the previous post. But also a parc with birds of prey and the Jewish district. I hope you like these pictures! More to come soon, from the Prague zoo and many more.

The beautiful Prague castle

The birds of prey show

Small owl at the birds show

Me on a rockformation in the parc

Synagoge at the Jewish district
Another synagoge

Beautiful view with the bad weather coming!

The trainrails on the hill

The parc on the hill, with impressive buildings

A small version of the Eiffeltower on the hill in Prague

Saturday, 22 June 2013

My birthday resolution list

Resolutions are usually made at xmas or new year right? I make mine on my birthday, so I can check in december how far I have come. You can see the post I wrote about this in December right here. My birthday I celebrated in Prague this year, on June 10! It was alot of fun! We did some shopping and ate amazing Asian food and finished the day at the old town square, sipping a tea and enjoying the view! 

Our nighttime view at the old town square
I would like to share my list of last year's resolutions. See how far I have gotten with granting all these wishes of mine!
Be a better cook: Ok, so I have tried some new recipes. And I cook quite a bit, but to say I am a better cook? Not yet hahaha. I am working on it though! I want to be a bit more versitile when it comes to cooking. 
Bake more and become better at it: This wish I have defenitely granted for myself! With my work at the bakery and baking aloooot at home I can say I have become alot better at it. I actually have something really fun to share very soon that is baking related! Can't say just yet, but stay on the look out. I can reveal sometime next week!
Be more creative and more often: I always want to be more creative. I used to paint alot and write poems. Right now I draw every now and then and I like making my own cards. I would like to be creative more often though. I need to make some space in my agenda for 'creative time'! 
Work out more: This is always the hard one! I have some weights that I now use while working out. And I do work our every now and again hahaha. Not enough though. I need to kick myself in the bum and get myself to the gym. I really need to...
Create a blog with interesting posts and loyal followers: I am very happy to say that with GFC and Bloglovin' I now have 201 followers! Amazing! And I have almost reached 11.000 views in under a year. Thank you all so much for being here and reading my posts! I do hope you find them interesting :) The blog's 1st anniversary is almost coming up!! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings you, me and this blog!!

New resolutions
Promote webshop more and add new interesting items to shop. With my baking and travelling (both too much fun!) I have been neglecting my webshop way too much. I really want to make more of an effort to sell cute and interesting items and to promote my webshop more.

I have one other new resolution, but I cannot share it just yet as it has to do with my baking surprise! I am very excited and will share more very soon. Happy saturday dears!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Prague in pictures, day 2!

Hi everyone!! Oh my, I am so happy to be back with a proper internet connection. Today it was finally fixed, so I was without internet on my laptop for a bit over a week. I have some catching up to do! I hope everyone is ok and happy. I already posted some pictures of my stay in Prague, so today I will continue with more! I hope you enjoy these! Happy to be back online!! More pics soon and my bday list as well. So stay here for many more to come.

They have beautiful houses in Prague!

The impressive Prague castle

The best and cutest shop in Prague

They had the best cookies!

The city of Prague in cookies! Amazing!

More cookies, it's a dream right? Haha

The shop, I bought some cookiecutters and cookies

Lovely view and a nice climb to the Prague castle

Made it to the top!

Prague was filled with toyshops with these dolls

The language is hard to understand! We mostly had no clue lol

We ate some amazing cakes in the same cookieshop seen in the pics. Delish!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Back from beautiful Prague, with pictures!

Hi everyone! It's been a while. My internetconnection at home is gone. I don't really know why, so after the weekend I will have to make some phonecalls! Right now I am at my parents house to update you all on my trip to Prague. I had a really nice time there, with lovely weather. I even have a bit of a tan, which for me is alot haha. I stayed in Prague for 5 days. Some streets were closed due to the floods that were there, but we could go anywhere and we were safe at all times. On the first day of our arrival we already visited alot of the main attractions. Luckily everything is walking distance. The old town square was only a 20 minute walk from our hotel. Only the famous Charles Bridge was closed due to high water. We could reach the bridge, but not cross it, which was a shame as it looked really beautiful. With about 30 statues on the bridge! The astrological clock was also quite impressive. It was always crowded near that clock! And lots of brides and grooms posed there too.

I will have more pictures soon. I visited a supercute cookieshop on day 2. Everything was made of cookies! So stay tuned haha. Have a great weekend everyone! And a happy Father's day to all who celebrate it!       

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Leaving for Prague tomorrow!

Hi everyone! I have just finished packing most of the things I will need for my trip to Prague tomorrow. I am really excited, I have never been in Prague before and I have heard that it is a really beautiful city. At first there were some doubts if we could go (we had booked already though) because of major floods in East Europe, including Prague. The water is still quite high, but I just read on the touristinformation website that visitors are welcome and the city is safe. Wow, what a relief!! 
I will celebrate my birthday in Prague, which will be on monday. We are most likely going to visit the zoo and botanical gardens that day. I always love zoos! Wherever I go, I can never skip a zoo! So it will be perfect for my birthday. For the next five days it will be quiet here on the blog, but I will have some great pictures and stories to share with you afterwards. And I will have to check the resolutions I had made on my birthday last year, see if I need to adjust anything. Will defenitely share that list with you as well. For now, have a great week, and weekend! And 'see' you all again next week!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

What I have pinned

Hi everyone! I thought it was time for another batch of What I have pinned. I have been pinning lots of pictures from Prague, as I will be there in just a few days. So exciting! I will post some more about that in the week to come. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

I love this top with foxes on it, perfect for this summer! Unfortunately the link on Pinterest doesn't lead anywhere! I hate it whan that happens!
Another super cute top for the summer, with hot air balloons! It's from Forever 21. Wish we had that store here in Holland!


Ooooh the lovely city that is Prague! It's crazy to think I will be there in 5 days time. I have never visited before, so I am thrilled to be going!

For all you Game of Thrones fans out there! How cute is this drawing?! Love it :D

From now on this is what I will tell people when they think I am a bit (or alot) weird!