Thursday, 14 November 2013

Spotlight: Webshop Sweet and Lovely

Hi friends! Every now and then I come across this incredibly cute webshop that I just have to share this link with everyone I know. I always love buying something original and handmade. That way you have a unique piece and the artist is the one that gets paid. Not some company! So that makes it totally worh it! Even if you pay just a bit more right? Well the webshop Sweet and Lovely, by the talented Kate Gabrielle, offers all sorts of cuteness. From prints and accesories, to templates for your blog. I have purchased some prints from Kate and it all went really smoothly. My favourite items from the shop are Kate's lovely artpieces. I have this piece on my desk right now. In a frame:

But this one is a favourite too!

She has also created some fun kits, like the slumber party kit. It includes a mix tape, microwave popcorn, friendship bracelets and much more fun. How cute is that?!

I will post more of these links soon, maybe a good start for your christmas shopping (wait,...what.. did I say christmas? yikes) And it's alot more fun to share a cute webshop than to keep it to myself! And FYI, these opinions are all my own. Kate Gabrielle, the owner of the shop, doesn't even know I am writing this! Happy shopping everyone!

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