Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Recipe: Lucious Applepie

Hi my friends. A few days ago I made a lovely and lucious applepie. It is so easy to make and yet so delicious, I just have to share the recipe. I hope you all find the time to make this, it's not hard at all and the reward is great!

a bit of sunfloweroil or butter for greasing the cakemold
1 kilo apples, I used Braeburn apples
4 eggs
200 grams sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla aroma
125 grams flower
icing sugar to sprinkle on top
aluminiumfoil (or tinfoil)

Preheat your oven to 150 C (for a hot air oven/ 175 C for conventional oven). Peal all the apples and cut them in dices. Put them in your bakingmold (bottom of the mold should be greased with either oil or butter! So the cake won't stick) Mix the eggs, sugar and vanilla to a light foam texture. Spoon the flower into the mixture, gently folding it into a smooth mixture. Poor the mixture over the apples into your mold. Bake the mixture for 60 minutes in total. After 45 minutes cover your mixture with aluminiumfoil (or tinfoil) and let it bake for the remaining 15 minutes. Get the cake out of the oven and let it cool slightly. After the cake is removed from the mold, sprinkle with icingsugar! Enjoy your cake!!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

What I have pinned this week

Hi my friends. How is your weekend going so far? Finally it has stopped snowing and freezing here! So that makes me very happy! Today I want to show you a new edition of What I have pinned this week on Pinterest. I pinned alot, and in diverse topics too. Fashion, home and random cuteness. So I will show you a bit of all of these. Happy sunday!

I love this girls hair! So pretty!

Love her style and hair!

Birds and tea, good combo in my mind!

Great idea, Sequins in water!

Can never resist pretty plates.

Love the picturesframes with drawings in them and that dresser!

Great colours and love the idea of hanging a plate on the wall.

You and me, how cute is that!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Happiness is a journey

Hi my friends. A few days ago I read an interesting article about the six steps of living a happy live. Ofcourse I had to share these with you. I hope you find it usefull! Live your best life!

1) Live mindfully. People who live in the moment have a stronger immunesystem, are less fearfull and less hostile towards others.
2) Keep your friends close. In friendships it is quality over quantity.
3) Count your blessings. A great strenght comes from the power of gratitude. It makes you feel more optimistic, healthier and happier.
4) Don't hold a grudge. When we forgive, we feel better about ourselves, and we have more positive emotions towards others. We feel closer to the people around us.
5) Get up and move. Exercising helps to build selfconfidence and it is a great stress reducing tool.
6) Be kind. Kindness activates the 'happy' part of our brain. It's like eating a chocolate cupcake!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Looking back #1

Hi my friends! At the start of the new year I would like to look back at some of the highlights of the year 2012. With lots of pictures ofcourse. First I want to take you back to the wedding of one of my best friends.
She and her fiancee were getting married on oktober 11 and it was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine! The ceremony was held in the church in my friends hometown, near the beach. And with near I mean almost on the beach! It was a very lovely ceremony, even though I am in no way religious and a churchwedding was defenitely a first for me. And ofcourse I was super happy for my friend, who looked amazing in her dress!
The cute couple!!
After the ceremony it was only a short walk to the beach where the afterparty was held. There was a great folkband and a picturebooth! Such fun and a great idea. Below you will see the results of these pictures.

Me and my other best friend at the booth!

Me and the bride!

At the afterparty!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

What I have pinned this week

Hi everyone! Have I told you how much I love Pinterest? It's so addicting to scroll through all these beautiful pictures and board and just hit the repin button all the time. From now on I will post a "What I have pinned this week" on sunday, to share some of my favourite pins with you all!

I have been pinning alot of decaration and home pictures, for the redecorating of my home. 

Isn't this dresser cute? I love the colour and shape!

Even though this is a nursery, I love it! That table and lamp are awesome.
And some random cuteness! I love pinning random stuff, like teacups or drawings.

LOL, I must admit this is something I would say!

Best teaset ever! I love Beauty and the beast!
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Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter wonderland is here!!

Hi everyone?! How are you? I hope you are warmer than I am right now! It has been freezing cold for over a week, winter is defenitely here! Last week it started snowing alot, and it has hardly stopped since. Traffic and public transport have been crazy all week as well. Here in my town of The Hague the most snow has fallen in all of the country, weird right?! I am not a fan of cold and winter, but I must say that all this whiteness is really serene. I have been taking short walks with my mum, sometimes the sun was even shining. It has been freezing all week and will continue to do so for the week that is to come. Many people have been iceskating as well. It's such a Dutch thing to do. When it's freezing and ice is starting to form on lakes and canals, the first thing the Dutchies do is get the iceskates out of the closet again! Alot of races have already been held on the ice and people are really enjoying the iceskating. As for me, I stay with my feet on firm ground and not ice! Here are a few pictures of the winter whiteness I took during my short walks.

My nephew playing in the snow

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Supersweet news!!

Hi my friends! How are you? Life has been good here, very cold. With lots and lots of snow. Will post pictures very soon. First I have been busy to realise a dream of mine. Especially the last couple of days, putting things together. Hence the quitness on the blog! Today I would love to share a sneek peak of what is to come very soon, my own Even Sweeter Dreams webshop!! With lots of sweet gifts for you and your loved ones. I am super excited about and I keep adding products to my shop, almost ready to launch. To see what is ahead I made a little collage of things I am going to sell in the webshop, along with other cool things which I will soon share too! I would loooove to hear your thoughts and hopefully you are excited too!

The shop will include jewelry, minicards, gifttags, stationary, labels, teabags with unique flavours and many more sweet products which I hope you will love! Geez I am thrilled about this!I will keep you all updated on the progess and ofcourse when the shop is ready to be launched and open to buyers!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pretty postcards exchange!

Hi my friends! How is your weekend going? Hope it is a great one! I have some exciting news, as I want to start a new exchange! Last time around I held a snail mail exchange, which went really well, but I thought that for this time it would be nice to focus on pretty cards. No boring postcards, with views on buildings. But cards that are pretty enough to frame!

If you want to participate, please be a follower of this blog.
Leave me your emailadress in a comment.
We exchange homeadresses through email and then the fun starts.

So want to receive a pretty card? Join me! But remember to send a pretty card back. I can't wait to see what you send me!

Friday, 11 January 2013

I need pastels damnit!

Hey everyone! How is your day going so far? Mine has been quite relaxed. Just ate a cupcake I made yesterday with a dear friend. I should eat less candy and cake but it is just so hard! One cupcake at a time I guess.
Some of you may remember this post, where I talk about redecorating my home. Or wanting to redecorate that is. I was and still am in the need of some more happy colours in my home. Some pastel is what I need! I have already bought some cute things to brighten up my home, which I wanna share with you today. It's defenitely not done yet, but I am working on it! Will keep you updated on the progress.
Some new and cute pillows

The two artprints by Jenny and Aaron, ready to be framed

Postcard in a frame, will add lots more of these on my mantle!

Owls! How can anyone resist an owl?

Lots of tins, with a vintage look.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day of shopping in Haarlem

Hi everyone! As I promised in an earlier post, where I talked a bit about my shoppingtrip, I will post some pics of what I bought. I was super happy to have found a really cute British store in Haarlem, with lots of items I wanted to buy. A bit vintage and different, which is awesome to me! Here is what I bought:

The first two items, the top and shorts, I bought at the British store. And they had a sale too! Happy me, for sure! The dress is from H&M, I love that colour, can't wait to wear it in the summer. The can I thought was  too cute and it was also on sale for just 5 euro at a lovely store filled with sweet things. The shop was called Zoet en chique, which means Sweet and Fancy. Can't wait to go back, great city for shopping, for the Dutchies who read my blog! Have a great day everyone.
Me, being all happy with my new top!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Recipe for easy and delicious chocochip cookies

Hi everyone! First off I want to give a warm welcome to all the new followers, so excited to have you join me! I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I would like to share a supereasy recipe for chocolatechip cookies, and boy they were delicious!
100 gr butter, on roomtemperature
100 gr sugar
150 gr caster sugar
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
260 gr flower
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
200 gr chocolatechips

Preheat the oven on 170 C (hot air oven, add about 15 to 20 C for conventional oven). Mix the butter untill it's a creamy texture. Add the sugar and caster sugar in parts and mix together. In a seperate bowl mix the two eggs with the salt and vanilla extract. Mix the eggmixture with the butter/sugarmix by pouring it gently while mixing. Siff the flower and baking powder and fold them into the mixture. Add the chocolatechips. 
Roll small balls of the mixture, flatten them a bit and add to a bakingtray with some bakingparchment. Bake for 20 minutes. Let them cool and then...enjoy!!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Inspirational and funny qoutes

Hi my friends! How has your week been so far? Mine has been pretty good, did some great shopping yesterday in the lovely city of Haarlem. Will show some pics of my purchases very soon. For today I have some nice quotes for you which hopefully make you think or laugh, or both!