The Penpal Page

Hi everyone! Looking for a penpal? Then you have come to the right place! I am a big supporter of anything snail mail. I host snail mail exchanges frequently and love paper goodies. Receiving a pretty and thoughtful letter is one of the best things right?!
For the love of penpals and snail mail I have set up this page on my blog for anyone wanting to write letters. You are free to leave a comment on this page if you want a penpal (or two, or three).
What to do? Leave a comment with the info you think relevant for a penpal to know, like hobbies and interests and such. And do leave an emailadress, so your penpal to be can contact you! Also, please be a follower of this blog if you want to use this penpal page. It's just nice of you to do so, don't you think? :o)
There you go! Have fun with it and mostly: make lots of friends in the process!!


  1. Hello there! Are you interested in having a pen pal from the U.S. I am from Washington, where I am currently going to college. I enjoy beautiful and delicate things, paper crafts, cooking, trying my hand at hand lettering. If you are interested my email is

  2. Hello Susie! I found your blog through another blog, michelle mignon. I absolutely love snail mail and writing letters! My email is

  3. Hey! I'm Cassi and I'm from the United States. I love blogging and I'm also a dancer. I think snail mail is a great way to connect with other people! My email is