Thursday, 30 August 2012

All the pretty things: pink

Hi my friends! Today I was in the mood for some pretty pink pictures. And no, don't worry, I do not mean the singer! But the colour ofcourse. I am a total girly girl, so anything pink makes me quite happy! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wishing on a wednesday #6

It's wishing time! A time to dream....this time it's about my favourite car ever. The Fiat 500. It's the most awesome car, and oh so cute. I wish it was miiiiiiine!

They come in such cute colours and I love the shape of the car. And it's small, like me haha. Maybe I should get a drivers license first....

Monday, 27 August 2012

To capture the days #4

Oh my, it is monday already! I hope you all had a wonderful week! Here is my week in seven pictures.

Monday I went to a big gardencentre with my mum, there she picked out some nice plants for her birthday.
In the proces of making my mum a birthday card. I thought hearts would be a good theme...
Time to be a good auntie again, and play domino with my nephew.
After my work, strolled through The Hague again and enjoyed the view and the weather.
Meet Foxy, she just had to be on my finger!
My homemade whippedcream pie. Spent all afternoon in the kitchen for my mums birthday celebration. But it was worth it!
Sunday was cardmaking day, one the right you see the one that is for my mum!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Something funny for the weekend

Hi my friends! How have you been? I hope you all had a lovely week and a great weekend to come. The weather here has changed from hot and sunny to stormy and rainy, not fun at all! My mum is celebrating her birthday today, so it's baking time for me. I have already baked a lemonpie and still have a whippedcream pie to make. Will shows pics soon. For now I will leave you with some funny pictures to start off your weekend!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wishing on a wednesday #5

Ever since I was 12 years old I have been a massive fan of the English boyband Take That. So yeah, that's 18 years already, yikes!! I feel all old now....This edition of wishing in a wednesday is about these wonderful men. So sit back, get a cup of tea and enjoy!

Who is Take That? The band consists of Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Jason Orange and Howard Donald. They sings, they dance and are awesome.
It all started for me when I was 12 and saw the band on MTV (you know, back in the day when they still played music on MTV). Their video for the single 'Pray' was like nothing I had seen before.
The song was (and still is) awesome and catchy. I loved it. Therefor my fandom was born! The band continued they succes with singles like Relight my Fire and Everything Changes.
In 1995 they had changed their looks and their sound had changed slightly. Was still in love with the band!
Eveything seemed to be going se great for the band. They had a massive hit with Back for Good, that even topped the charts in America.
Then Robbie Williams had decided to leave the band and go on as a solo artist. I cried, yes. But on the other hand I was happy the other four lads were still continuing as Take That. They toured as a fourpiece and released as single that, again, topped the charts.
But in february of 1996 a pressconference was held to announce the worst for the fans. Take That were splitting up. And yeah, I cried...for days. No joke. Take That was my life and that had ended! I was devestated. I know I was not alone in this, even helplines were set up to help fans. I did not use these, but I can imagine people needed that.
In the end, I got on with my life (yay!) and supported all the solo efforts the guys made. Always dreaming I would see them again as a band, together. But I was so positive that would never happen, so I just dreamed about it and no more.
After a documentary about their lifes after Take That (broadcast in 2005) the band had gotten so much response to it, they decided to do a few shows as a fourpiece again. The shows sold out in a heartbeat and more shows were being added all the time. They started to write new songs for these shows and guess what....they were back!!! I was beyond thrilled!!! The shows were only held in the UK, but only 2 years later I got my dream. I saw the band live again in Rotterdam. A dream come true. And a magical night!
When in 2009 rumours started that Robbie Williamd would join the band again, I could not believe it. The split with the band and Rob wasn't pretty and I never thought that would happen. But I was wrong again! In 2010 Robbie joined the band on the Progress tour and I got to see them again! As a fivepiece!!! Joy to the world!!
This band has given me so much happiness over the years, with their beautiful and great songs. With their even better liveshows and just for being who they are. Now in 2012, the band are a fourpiece again. Without our Rob. But I was over the moon he had joined them again, if only for one tour. I can't wait to see and hear what my four lads have in store for the future. I am sure it will be magical once again!
My wish, I hear you say? Yes, to be able to say Thank You to them in person (ok, I am crying while writing this...I am such a dork) That would mean the world to me, because they are the world to me.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Imperfection is where it's at

Hi my friends, for the last few days I have been artjournaling quite a bit. In this post I would love to share my new pages! They aren't perfect, but I am happy with the endresult. Imperfection makes perfect.

I just love messing around with paper. Beforehand I have no clue what I am doing, so it's great to see things coming together on a page.

Monday, 20 August 2012

To capture the days #3

Hello my friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. Here in Holland the weather was so hot, can we say heatwave anyone?! It's monday again, so here is my week in seven pictures (quite a crafty week I must say).
On monday I finally had the time to think of a lay out for my first attempt at art journaling. You can check out the result here.
It was hot and I had been working really hard at the icecreamshop, so I treated myself to some cake icecream with a small waffle.
Ahhhh, isn't he cute? That is Joshua, my petbird! He was watching me planting my herbs. He just loves being outside!
This was seriously my view all thursday. Just doing nothing, lying on a strechter in my parents backyard. Life is hard hey?!
Ok, I have to admit the picture is not of great quality. It was taken during a show of my favourite Dutch singer called Wouter Hamel. He performed in Haarlem, on the big square, to a dancing crowd (despite the heat). My mum was with me and we had a blast!
Time to put my creative hat on, this saturday I tried to draw. I still suck, but I do it anyway haha. It was too hot to do anything more productive than that.
My livingroom, while artjournaling! It's not even that bad (right?!). I had alot of fun looking for some new lay outs and messing around with glue. And it was colder inside the house than outside!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I'm a jewelry junkie

I must admit it, when I see cute jewelry I just have to buy it. It's like a drug and I can't help myself hahaha. 
Accesorize is one of my favourite shops, but lately I have been shopping at markets and such to get more exclusive items. So here I would like to present my latest jewelry finds!

The pink bunny necklace I found at a local vintage store. It's kind of Alice in Wonderland like, don't you think? The blue elephant necklace I bought at Tizzalicious. And the two rings (my fave in this batch!) I got at a festivalmarket. Are you a jewelry junkie like me? And what's your favouruite place to buy  jewelry?

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hey you, do it yourself!

I love to make things from scratch or make old nicknacks look all pretty again. Most of the times it's just so easy to create something new with little to nothing. So here are some great examples I found online, which I would love to try out myself. The pictures are totally self explanatory.

Give your old tins a new look with spraypaint!

How cute are these garlands made of little scraps of fabric??!
Some more fabric to mess around with! Fabic wallart.
This does need a little instruction right? So here is a link! I hope you enjoy these little DIY projects. Let me know if you do one of these, because I would love to see the result!

Friday, 17 August 2012

All the pretty things: Dessert Tables

Recently I have been seeing lots of Dessert Tables on the internet and in books. Beautifully decorated tables filled with sweet that's totally my thing! I love the details on the tables. Now I want to throw a party too!

Most of these photos are from Loralee Lewis, you can check out her awesome website here. What about you? Do you like throwing parties? What would be your ideal partysetting?