Saturday, 25 August 2012

Something funny for the weekend

Hi my friends! How have you been? I hope you all had a lovely week and a great weekend to come. The weather here has changed from hot and sunny to stormy and rainy, not fun at all! My mum is celebrating her birthday today, so it's baking time for me. I have already baked a lemonpie and still have a whippedcream pie to make. Will shows pics soon. For now I will leave you with some funny pictures to start off your weekend!


  1. It is raining here too! But that won't damper our spirits! Specially after some middle earth humour.
    Happy birthday to your Mom! <3

  2. Koalas are my favorite! That made me laugh the most! Also can I keep the last 2 pups? How sweet are they?


  3. happy birthday to your mom! :)

  4. hahaha those are priceless :)

    x Angie