Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Guest post: Dutch poem by Angie

Hi dear readers of Even Sweeter Dreams, this is Angie here! I usually blog over at Sunday Belle, but today I’m guest posting for Susie. I have a lot of trouble with doing guest posts. I mean, it needs to fit the other person’s blog, and Susie and my blog are vastly different! The one thing she and I have in common though is the fact that we both are from the Netherlands. So, why not write about that? The picture below is actually a card by Susie, it’s the gorgeous card she sent me in her recent snail mail exchange.

Now, I started compiling a list of ‘why the Netherlands is awesome’ and all that I could come up with was this:

Yes, I know. So I thought I’d make it a little bit more personal. I am currently studying English Language & Culture, obviously because I love the English language. But Dutch language is quite special, too! What I really like is, trying to translate a Dutch poem into English and still capturing the essence. Here is one interpreted by me for you, it’s originally by Toon Hermans (who was a famous Dutch artist). I chose one about dreams to fit in with the title of this blog.

Dromen zijn bedrog
toch is het oprecht
om es wat te dromen
wat je nooit aan iemand zegt
Weg van deze aarde
ver weg van het volk
'n poosje zalig varen
op 'n stille witte wolk
En als je weer terug bent
met de beentjes op de grond
lekker niemand zeggen waar je was
en hoe je ’t vond
Dreams are only an illusion
and still it is sincere
to have a little dream once in a while
and not share it with anyone
Away from this earth
away from the people
blissfully drifting
on a quiet white cloud
And when you return
With your feet back on the ground
not telling anyone where you went
and how you liked it

I thought it was appropriate because Susie’s blog is full of inspirational stuff. I hope you liked it!
Love, Angie
Thanks so much Angie! Isn't that a beautiful poem? I love it! I hope you will stop by Angie's blog at Sunday Belle and say hi to her, she is a doll!


  1. very beautiful poem Angie! I'll have to take a look at the rest of Suzie's blog too :)

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