Friday, 28 September 2012

Switzerland in pictures: Waterfall at Lauterbrunnen

Hi my friends! I am really excited to be sharing my first batch of pictures from my holiday with you. All these pictures were taken at the city of Lauterbrunnen.

Switzerland is famous for their amazing woodcarving. Isn't this beautiful?

Switzerland has also caught up on the retro craze. These cards are awesome.

I love the hills and valleys of Switzerland. And the mountains...oh boy! More coming soon my friends!!


  1. holy crap it looks beautiful! I've never been there, maybe I should!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! I would absolutely love to see Switzerland someday. There are so many countries in Europe that I want to visit... maybe someday I'll get to live there for a year and travel around.

    Did you get any of those cards?