Sunday, 25 November 2012

Flavourites live event

Hi my friends!! How are you all? I had a short blogging break, but I come bearing pictures!
Yesterday I went to a fun event called Flavourites Live. It was in an old dockbuilding in Amsterdam. Very pretty! At the event about 160 webshops have their own stand and sell their crafts offline. Great concept right?! Really inspiring and alot of fun.
That doll! Haha, love it!

Lovely art by Dutch artist Geertje Aalders

The dockbuilding!

Super cute cushion, but a bit too expensive (44 euro)

Aren't those plates cute?

The view from the buidling, very misty!!


  1. Oh man why didn't I know this? I love the Flavourites website! anyway, cool pictures girl :D

    x Angie (

  2. Hi Susanne!! Thanks for stopping by and linking up this weekend :) I'm now your newest GFC follower!


  3. Cute lamps!!! :)
    love the quirky items!

    Followed you.