Friday, 29 March 2013

Back online with more Venice pictures!!

Hi everyone! Phew, I have been a few days without my laptop, it was soooo slow! So my dad took it with him to check it out. So now, 4 days later, I am back with a clean and fast(er) computer yayay!! 
Ofcourse I am posting a new set of pictures from Venice!! 
Still on day 2: As I said in the previous post me and my mum went to the St. Marco square, and after that we saw the impressive Bridge of sighs. On the square, next the the famous basilisk, is the Dogenpalace (don't know if that is the correct English word for it though!!) We went inside and it was really impressive. Below you see some pictures of the so called 'golden stairway'.  And also of the courtyard, like the one with the gondola!

And the last two pictures are of the Bridge of sighs. On the left you can see the palace and on the right side of the bridge is the prison. People who were not agreeing with the leaders (who were seated at the palace) were sent to prison and had to walk that bridge. The bridge has two small windows and it was told that prisoners would sigh when they would see their precious Venice for the last time. That is were it's name comes from. My mum and I walked that bridge to and I can tell you it is really impressive! And also a bit scary, it is like you can feel the spirits of all the people who has walked it. Then we went to the prisoncells, it was soooo dark and sooo cold! Very creepy, and again really impressive. It is a totally different side of Venice, but to me a must see!
More pictures coming soon, of day 3 of my stay which includes the Rialto bridge!

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