Sunday, 10 March 2013

What I have pinned

Hi everyone! How are you doing? Enjoying the weekend? I have been ill with the flu for about four days now, no fun at all. I did have lots of time to catch up on reading blogs and surfing Pinterest. So today I bring you another batch of my favourite pins from my Pinterest page. Enjoy!


Cute vintage hairstyle

I love this colour!
Cookie pillow, amazing!

Vintage toast rack
Baking it
I have to learn how to do this, it's too cute.

Mini cakestand, made out of cookies!

What else can I say?!


  1. That cookie pillow! I want it!

    hope you're feeling better! xo

    1. Dank je Angie :D
      Ik heb hier de link van de Pinterest page van het kussentje. Kan alleen niet ontdekken waar 'ie nou te koop is!

      xx Susie