Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Elfia: where orcs, trolls and elves are equals

Hi all! On sunday I went to the amazing festival called Elf Fantasy Fair. It is the biggest open air fantasy festival in Europe. I always look forward to it, the people there are so nice and most of them dress amazing as well. The festival is held in Utrecht, on the castlegrounds of Castle Haarzuilens. For that weekend only the grounds are called Elfia. It is a unique world, all on it's own! Me and my best friend were also dressed to impress. My friend as catwoman, and me, I went as a very pink Sweet Lolita girl. We saw some performances on the day, with some great music. Ate nice food. Joined a reading all about witchcraft. And we even saw a horseshow, with actors who played characters of The Hobbit. A show with fire and stunts, pretty cool! I took lots of pictures in the proces, so you could join in a bit of the fun! Enjoy!

The Lord of the Rings fans are always present! My faves :)

Beware of the mountain trolls!

Oh nooooo, another troll. A big one at that!

Elfia is also for the smaller fans :D

Not afraid of the troll you know

The cutest dog you will ever see!

Awesome Hobbit artwork

Enjoying my bratwurst in the sun!

Amazing outfits

The castle!

More cool ´campsites´

Reading about witchcraft

Oh my, it´s Gandalf!

Defence against orcs, always useful

Brilliant outfits

Once upon a time in Elfia


  1. how wonderful! I'm jealous, I wish there were such intriguing festivals near where I live :)

  2. Thanks Tatiana! Happy you like the pictures :D