Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Holland; We have a King!!

Hi my friends! Today was a special day for all the Dutch people. It is a tradition that we celebrate Queensday on april 30. But this year was different. The queen is retiring (or abdicating I should say) and her son has become the king today. Queen Beatrix was a queen for 33 years, and it has been over a 100 years since we had a king. It was celebrated mostly in Amsterdam, where the coronation took place. But, like every year, it is celebrated throughout Holland. Lots of markets, music and people dressed in Orange! Orange is our national colour. The whole ceremony of the coronation was quite impressive.
Orange decorations throughout.

More Orange in Amsterdam!
Markets where people sell their goods.

Our new king Willem Alexander, our former queen now princess Beatrix and queen Maxima

King Willem Alexander and his wife queen Maxima

The king and queen with their three daugthers

During the coronation, singing our national anthem
All throughout the day there were many events held in Amsterdam. Music from our most well known artists, showcases of Dutch athletes, a runway show with only Dutch designers and so on. Lots of royal families from all over the world were present for the coronation, from Japan and Denmark to Spain and Qatar, amazing! But the most beautiful thing I thought was the joy of all the Dutch people present, with their Orange hats on! It was such a party! And it still is, as I write this. It is night time, the sun has just set and the party is still going strong with lots of music and fun. 
The king and his family on the boatride after the coronation

Next year there won't be a Queensday anymore, but a Kingsday. And no longer on april 30, but on april 27 which is the kings birthday. I look forward to see what this day, and the king with his family will bring us!

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