Wednesday, 11 December 2013

This music is a place to hide

Hi friends! I have had some crazy days. But only in a good way I must say. This week is totally dedicated to my all time favourite band in the whole wide world: Hanson. Yesterday I went to their show here in Holland. As a member of the fanclub I got to enter the venue early, we got to take a picture with the band (!!), have a 'private' show with 100 other members. It was awesome. And the concert was one of their best yet. Before I tell the rest, I must tell some backstory here I think.
My love for Hanson started with the song that most people still know, Mmmbop. I was instantly in love with this song and with the band. I bought their first album, Middle of Nowhere, with money I was supposed to spend on school supplies. Sorry mom and dad! But buying this album changed my life forever and I couldn't have done a better purchase, ever. 
Since that album I have been following Hanson, every move they made I knew about. When they would release an album, I would buy it. A new video? I would be the first to see it on Mtv. Everything Hanson did I followed on their website and on fansites.
In my early teens I developed a severe form of agoraphobia, which led to me not going outside at all. Only when Hanson would release a single or cd, I would go out and buy it in the store. When I was sad because of my phobia and social anxiety, I would put on my Hanson cd's and they would make me smile again. When they finally came to Holland for a show in 2005, I had to be there. But my phobia was still getting the best of me. My parents were sweet enough to go with me and support me. That night I had the time of my life, through all my fears, I got to see my favourite band live!
Now; 16 years on, 8 concerts later, meet and greets with the band and trips to London where I saw the band play four times. I can say my love for the band has only grown. Tomorrow I will take the train to Paris, where I will see them play a show again. And another meet and greet will happen as well! I hope I don't forget to say 'Thank you' this time around. Thank you guys for your amazing music, your beautiful personalities, for giving me the strength to go outside when my phobia was taking me down, for giving me hope when I didn't see the light and for giving me the best friends that I have in my life who just happen to be Hansonfans as well. To quote a Hanson song: This music is a place to hide!

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