Friday, 6 December 2013

Instahgwam..say what?!

Hi friends! How have you been this week? I have been a bit flu-ish unfortunately. So I have been lying on the sofa, reading some and writing letters to my new penpals. And, being uber hip, I have joined Instagram finally! It's not very full with pictures and video yet, but I am working on it haha. Want to follow me? You can find my profile here


There is also a video on there which shows you the cute things you can win when you enter my very first giveaway! So do check that out and join the giveaway!
This weekend I am getting mentally ready for my trip to Paris, thinkinf of what to wear and what to wash before I can wear. Things like that! Before I leave I will post a longer story about Paris, I am getting nervous and excited! I am looking forward to eating some real French macarons wooh! For now, have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I've never been on Instagram (yet), but I just got a new phone that will allow me to join/post photos. I can't wait!

    That's a funny quote. I actually post my food on FB, still. haha!

    1. It's a really fun app Stephanie, I am sure you will enjoy it!

      xx Susie