Sunday, 26 January 2014

December in pictures

Hi friends! Luckily I am doing alot better than last time around. The pain is less and less every day, but long walks still tire me quite a bit. I still have to take it slow, but I am happy things are moving forward again.
Due to my long stop in blogging I still have lots of pictures to share that I took in the December month. Me and my family had a Christmas high tea, for which I baked lovely goodies: a carrot cake, jam cookies and vanilla/coconut cupcakes. I also brought macarons with me from Paris, perfect for this occasion! My attempt at a gingerbread house can also be seen on the picture below haha. It was hard! I also made some sandwhiches with cheese, pesto and ham. It was a really nice change to the usual Christmas dinner and defenitely worth doing again!
The High Tea table for Christmas!

Me and my sister, the xmashat messed up my hair though lol
The days after Christmas my mum got a severe flu, so me and my dad spend some time together and took some walks on the beach, near the dunes and woods. I took my camera with me ofcourse, it was really nice and the sun was shining. It was cold though, but the combination of sunshine and cold weather somehow makes for good pictures! 

And I was quite proud of my coconut cream cake, with stars and all. Also proud: my 8 year old nephew who took this picture with my professional camera! Isn't he awesome?! Next post I will share some more of my Paris pictures, think Louvre and eating escargot! Have a great day everyone!

Not my best picture, but hey, my nephew took it!


  1. That high tea table has me drooling! I need to organize one!

    1. Haha, you should! I love High tea's, they make me happy ;) :P