Sunday, 19 August 2012

I'm a jewelry junkie

I must admit it, when I see cute jewelry I just have to buy it. It's like a drug and I can't help myself hahaha. 
Accesorize is one of my favourite shops, but lately I have been shopping at markets and such to get more exclusive items. So here I would like to present my latest jewelry finds!

The pink bunny necklace I found at a local vintage store. It's kind of Alice in Wonderland like, don't you think? The blue elephant necklace I bought at Tizzalicious. And the two rings (my fave in this batch!) I got at a festivalmarket. Are you a jewelry junkie like me? And what's your favouruite place to buy  jewelry?


  1. These are some awesome finds! I love jewelry, but I'm really bad at pairing things haha.

    1. Haha, thanks Angie. I just pair everything based on color.
      As long as you wear the jewelry you feel cute in, you really can't go wrong though!

  2. What great finds! I found you through the hop and am now following via GFC. I'd love a follow back at when you get a chance! :)

    1. Hi Cassie, great to have you here!
      I will check out your blog really soon.
      Hope to see you here again soon.