Monday, 6 August 2012

To capture the days #1

Hi my friends, I hope you all have had a great weekend. From now on I will share my week in pictures on monday. One picture for each day, some random some less random! Enjoy.

It was a lovely sunny day on monday, so perfect for some gardening. And my garden sure needed it!

My sweet nephew, who is six years old, came over and was so excited to try out his new bike! He was really good at it.

On wednesday I did some shopping with my mum and in a craftstore we found this really nice card. It's always great to get some inspiration for my own cardmaking.

Getting ready for the snail mail exchange and writing my first letters to those who joined. So much fun!!

Enjoyed the sunshine as much as I could on friday. Including some more gardening, at my parents house this time around.

Went to a festival on the beach, with some great bands and again nice weather! Also took a nice stroll along the beach.

In the middle of the The Hague citycentre there was a basketbalparty going on, with many courts and loud music. Much fun, despite the rain!


  1. Cardmaking is one of my favorite crafts. I would love to see some of the cards you've made!

  2. Thanks Kelsea, I will defenitely show some that I have made...once I think they are good enough to show :D
    Do you have some of yours posted on your blog?

    xx Susie

  3. you have a garden and you have rainy days as well? i'm so jealous! i don't have any of those two here in the desert.

    hope you're having a wonderful week! :)

    1. Aw Aizzing, I will enjoy the rain from now on just for you hahaha!

      Thanks so much, my week is great so far and hope yours is too!


  4. I LOVE this idea! so cute :D looks like a lovely week!

    I probably won't be able to send your card out until next week though :(


  5. Thanks Angie, I am happy you like the idea :D
    And don't worry about the card, I am still working on yours too!