Monday, 3 September 2012

Just another manic monday

Hi my friends! Today I don't have a to capture the days post for you. My week has been quite busy with all the preparations that come with a long holiday. Did I just say long holiday? Yes I did! This saturday I will be leaving for Switzerland. But more on that in a next post! Right now I want to share some cute buys. I went to this wonderful market yesterday, with lots of stands that sold handmade goods and food. Fresh baked pies (oh my!). I ate a very tasty carrotcake. After that I was so full, you could roll me home, really. But it was worth it! Here are some pics of the tin and stamp I bought.

I love owls! There was also this awesome shop that was actually a trailer. They also selled some sweet pies!
Isn't that totally cool?! I want one too! And sell my icecream...and sweets....and cake. Oh boy! 
I had a great time on this market and it was so nice to see people sell their handmade things. It makes me happy that handmade is making a comeback and that people appreciate that again.


  1. Ohh what I would give for that macaron tin! So very cute. I always save that kind of thing long after the treats are gone. =) And the little sweets trailer is so cute! I do love handmade markets and totally agree with you - it's a trend that makes me happy!

  2. Oh! Where in Switzerland? I am curous!Can't wait to find out :)
    Have fun and take lots of pictures to share with us! :)

    PS, I am hosting a necklace giveaway on my blog! Do drop by and have a look. You might be very interested!


  3. i love macarons and owls great finds!