Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dutch tradition: it's Sinterklaas!

Oh my, as a kid this was always my favourite day of the year. Even better than Christmas and my birthday! What is it, you might think? Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradition, which has similarities with Christmas but is still quite different. Sinterklaas does look alot like Santa though!
 Every year he comes with his boat from Spain to Holland to give kids presents. He arrives in November, but on December 5th it is his actual birthday. This we celebrate today. Legend is that Sinterklaas comes to bring presents on his white horse and drops the gifts in the chimney. Kids sing songs near the chimney, songs about gifts and Sinterklaas being safe on the roof, where he delivers his gifts.
Sinterklaas always means lots of candy too, like the famous pepernoten and chocolate letters. It's fun!!

So happy Sinterklaas to all the readers in Holland! Don't eat too much candy hahaha.


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