Monday, 10 December 2012

Flow: For the love of paper!

Hi everyone! How is your day? I have been busy with decorating my parents christmas tree, as well as mine. Pictures soon, promise! I want to share some other pictures with you today. I always love buying the Dutch magazine Flow. Their magazine is full of goodies for lovers of paper, and I happen to love paper! As a kid I always saves pretty scraps and stickers, just like I do now. This winteredition was a special magazine, extra big and with looots of good stuff and all about snail mail!
The pretty cover

Examples of cute cards you can make yourself

Stickers to prettyfie your enveloppe

Awesome article about enveloppes adressed in a creative way (more on that soon!)

Beautiful enveloppe art

Many cute cards come with the mag! Happy Susie!
What about you, are you a lover of paper goods as well? And do you have a snail mail friend(s)?


  1. Leeeuk! Ik heb een abo op Flow, maar het winterboek heb ik nog niet. Daar moet ik geloof ik maar eens verandering in gaan brengen.

  2. Heel pretty inderdaad :D

    x Angie (from