Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Supersweet news!!

Hi my friends! How are you? Life has been good here, very cold. With lots and lots of snow. Will post pictures very soon. First I have been busy to realise a dream of mine. Especially the last couple of days, putting things together. Hence the quitness on the blog! Today I would love to share a sneek peak of what is to come very soon, my own Even Sweeter Dreams webshop!! With lots of sweet gifts for you and your loved ones. I am super excited about and I keep adding products to my shop, almost ready to launch. To see what is ahead I made a little collage of things I am going to sell in the webshop, along with other cool things which I will soon share too! I would loooove to hear your thoughts and hopefully you are excited too!

The shop will include jewelry, minicards, gifttags, stationary, labels, teabags with unique flavours and many more sweet products which I hope you will love! Geez I am thrilled about this!I will keep you all updated on the progess and ofcourse when the shop is ready to be launched and open to buyers!


  1. Oh that looks so awesome! Very excited for you :D

    Angie (