Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter wonderland is here!!

Hi everyone?! How are you? I hope you are warmer than I am right now! It has been freezing cold for over a week, winter is defenitely here! Last week it started snowing alot, and it has hardly stopped since. Traffic and public transport have been crazy all week as well. Here in my town of The Hague the most snow has fallen in all of the country, weird right?! I am not a fan of cold and winter, but I must say that all this whiteness is really serene. I have been taking short walks with my mum, sometimes the sun was even shining. It has been freezing all week and will continue to do so for the week that is to come. Many people have been iceskating as well. It's such a Dutch thing to do. When it's freezing and ice is starting to form on lakes and canals, the first thing the Dutchies do is get the iceskates out of the closet again! Alot of races have already been held on the ice and people are really enjoying the iceskating. As for me, I stay with my feet on firm ground and not ice! Here are a few pictures of the winter whiteness I took during my short walks.

My nephew playing in the snow

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