Monday, 12 August 2013

{LIFE} Snapshots of life

It has been a busy week last week, and with great weather! We visited the seaside, a local festival and I played some tennis with my nephew, which he loved. He wants to be the new Rafael Nadal! And suprise surpise, no baking shots (gasp!). This week I will be back in the baking game though, with a applepie and chocolatecake waiting to be baked. Hope you all had a great week, and an even better one to come!

Reading a great book in the sun, oh joy!

Playing a mean game of tennis. My nephew kicked ass too haha.

Visited a local festival. How Dutch can this picture get right?!

There was a cactus at the festival too...

And a tree.

Visited a bunker from WW 2.

The sea! I love the sea, yeah that's all.

And we visited a museum about floods in Holland, quite impressive.


  1. Nice pictures! Which museum is that?

    1. Thanks girl :) The museum is at Hoek van Holland, right next to the Maeslant kering. It's not big, but nice to visit.