Thursday, 1 August 2013

Throwback thursday: then and now!

This is a picture that is very special to me. A picture of me and my dad in our backyard. I don't know how old I was in the first pic, but no older then six for sure. I always wanted to 're-do' the picture, but in the present day. So we did! My parents still live in the same house, so it is the exact same spot! Isn't that cool?!

The first pic is a bit blurry, with the cameras not being great in the 80's haha. And for fun we took another, even sweeter pic:)
Today me and my parents also took a trip down memory lane. We went to the province Zeeland, where we visited alot when I was younger. Alot of fun! Will post pictures of today very soon. Take care!


  1. aaah this is so cute! I have a few pics I want to do over as well, haha. also I love your outfit. <3

  2. Awe I love how the horse shoe stayed in the same spot! Very cute throw back thursday.
    Have a great weekend!!