Thursday, 22 August 2013

Throwback thursday: visiting a friend, back in the day!

Hi friends. In this post of Throwback thursday I have some fun pictures of meeting a friend. She lives on the other side of the country so we don't see each other much at all. Back in 2008 I stayed at her house for a few days and we explored the city and surroundings she lives in. We also went to the zoo for a day (you all know I love my zoo's!) They even had brown bears at the zoo, which are my favourite animals of all! I could have spent the whole day just sitting by the bears! We also visited the impressive site Westerbork, which used to be a German camp in the World War 2. There was a museum there too, with stories and pictures of the people that were held in the camp. And even some personal belongings of those people. An impressive visit it was.
Peace ya'll !

Not a big horsefan, but this one was sweet

My friends cool ride

We took lots of walks in the woods, with her dogs (just one shown here)

Pretty lake

Bear!! Susie is happy

My friend posing with a pinguin

The pinguin is bigger than me!

We also visited Kamp Westerbork, a German camp in the war

The museum was also very impressive, with stories about the Dutch Jews

Also impressive, this is the biggest rock in the provinc...yes mam!


  1. so cool Susie! I don't think I could visit Westerbork, just the Anne Frank house alone had me in tears! The bear is beary cute<3

    1. Thanks my dear! Westerbork was impressive indeed. I have never been to the Anne Frank house (shame on me) Bears are always cute :D