Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Embrace your inner geek!

I am a geek, and I know it...I love it even. Not ashamed one bit. I am most specificly a fantasy geek. I have a Middle Earth poster in my bedroom, still dreaming that one day I will visit the real Middle Earth; New Zealand. And this totally cute action doll has been in my home for 10 years now.

Dominic Monaghan is one of my favourite actors, so this Merry doll is amazing to me! It is very detailed, with a helmet and shield. Yep, it is hella cool. Besides a ringer (Lord of the Rings fan for those who are not a geek like me) I am also a Potterhead. Harry Potter is my second geeky fandom. I have all the dvd's ofcourse and watched every movie I don't even know how many times. And next year I will be going to the actual Harry Potter studio in London! Holy cow, I cannot wait. I even had a little geek moment the last time I was in Londen. I saw a double decker bus with Ron Weasly on it. I felt happy.. lol.
Now I am totally addicted to Game of Thrones as well (season it 2014 yet??!) I think it is one of the best tv series ever made. The costumes in the show are amazing! I was a total geek (again) at the Game of Thrones exhibition in Amsterdam earlier this year and alot of the costumes were on display. And when I saw these awesomely cute dolls....
...all I thought was...I need them! Aren't they great?! I especially love the Jon Snow one (ofcourse) and Cersei looks cute too. These are good times for fantasy geeks I think, also The Hobbit: desolation is Smaug is coming soon! The trailer is beyond amazing.

Bring it on! Hurray for geekness (and fantasy). Embrace you inner geek everyone!

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