Sunday, 16 February 2014

Life lately.

Hi everyone! It has been a bit quiet here lately, but I am still around. Life just has been a bit hectic with hospital visits due to another fall/black out. I hit my head and needed stiches. Next week I have an mri scan planned to see if the black outs are caused by anything in my body or if it is a result of a stressfull period in my life. So yeah, not very fun or exciting things. In between the not so fun things, I did get around to doing some fun stuff haha. I took some snapshots of these happy moments. Hope you will enjoy!
Tried on this super cute outfit. Bought the skirt and going to buy the top!
Being woken by sunshine is the best way to wake up!
Got this awesome trolley at Ikea.
It's the most amazing blue/green aqua colour. Looks great in my kitchen.
Really enjoying all the Dutch success at the Olympics. The picture sort of shows iceskating haha.
Snail mail, isn't it pretty?! Snail mail really brightens up my day!


  1. loooove the outfit. where did you buy the skirt? I've been looking for that colour!

    I love your Raskog, wish it would fit in my kitchen haha.

    1. Thanks sweetie, the skirt is by Mexx. It was on sale! I bought it at a local v&d not at a mexx store though.