Tuesday, 25 February 2014

So far so good!

Hi friends! I just noticed that it has been over a week since my last update here. The last week has been kinds crazy. Many visits to the hospital to see why I had the two black outs I wrote about. I have had a brain test, heart test and yesterday a ct scan of my brain. The first brain test results are good, so that makes me happy! The heart test was good too, but I need to do a second one just in case. Now just the result of the ct, but my neurologist expects the result to be good here as well. He thinks it is very likely that my black outs were just sheer bad luck. That I just slipped in the shower and the second fall I just tripped and hit my head to the table. That is also what I am hoping, but to hear the doctor actually saying that his is possible really helps! So far so good it is. This weekend me and my parents went to visit the famous Kinderdijk. We could use the distraction! Kinderdijk is about 30 or 40 minutes from my home, and it is so beautiful. It is on the Unesco world heritage list and visited by many tourists. It is a typical Dutch view, with all the mills.
It was so nice to forget about all the tests, hospital visits and so on and just enjoy the beauty of this place. I really needed that! Me and my mum have also been working on setting up a new webshop with some of her drawings. She is making some amazing art, with a sweet retro feel and pastel colours. We are now working on some more drawings, but this is the first in the series. What do you think??
Have a good day everyone! And please keep your fingers crossed for me that all the results will be good!


  1. ooh I really hope you're fine & you just slipped. Will definitely keep my fingers crossed. LOVE that drawing btw.

    1. Thank you sweetie! And about the drawing: I have passed the compliment on to my mum :D