Friday, 25 January 2013

Happiness is a journey

Hi my friends. A few days ago I read an interesting article about the six steps of living a happy live. Ofcourse I had to share these with you. I hope you find it usefull! Live your best life!

1) Live mindfully. People who live in the moment have a stronger immunesystem, are less fearfull and less hostile towards others.
2) Keep your friends close. In friendships it is quality over quantity.
3) Count your blessings. A great strenght comes from the power of gratitude. It makes you feel more optimistic, healthier and happier.
4) Don't hold a grudge. When we forgive, we feel better about ourselves, and we have more positive emotions towards others. We feel closer to the people around us.
5) Get up and move. Exercising helps to build selfconfidence and it is a great stress reducing tool.
6) Be kind. Kindness activates the 'happy' part of our brain. It's like eating a chocolate cupcake!


  1. Thanks for posting this dear! It's always useful to have ways to live a happier life :). Have a great weekend!


  2. Very true!! Thank you for the reminder :)

  3. Thank you Aubree and Stephanie! Very happy that you like it!