Friday, 6 September 2013

{Life} All the single ladies

To all my single ladies out there. Do you get annoyed too? With comments like; when are you settling down? Or why haven't you found the one yet? Geeesh, if I knew the answers to these questions I would be a genius....and I am not haha. Personally I really don't mind being single at all. I love the freedom, I get to travel whenever I want to where I want. And even better, I get to decorate my house with all my girly accesories and nicknacks. I guess these questions come with me being in my thirty's, it is expected of you right? Well, I just live my life in my own pace. If I find the right man, then that is great. If not, that is cool too. Everything will come to me when it is the right time, I believe so. 
This quote, which I love, inspired me to write this post. I would love to hear your thoughts on being single!


  1. Love that quote! It's so right. I think love will come at the right time in your life and should never be forced. I'm not single, but I can relate to people and society trying to force their ideals and ideas of what is "right" and expected for you. Don't let them! Do and be whatever it is that makes you you! Because you are awesome. Have a great Sunday :)