Thursday, 12 September 2013

On my way...

It will be quiet here for the next two weeks, as I will be in Austria! I don't have posts planned, but will be back with lots of inspiration and new blogideas. I have already been thinking alot about it, as I have been losing interest in posting a bit. With the new ideas in mind that I want to work out, it will be alot better. A new lay out is planned and fun new posts with inspiration and pretty pictures, that is what I have in mind for the blog. I will make this happen after Austria, starting with some beautiful pics from my holiday! So for now, see you in two weeks...but stay tuned as I have many cool things coming up! 
Also, a baking blog is in the making! With recipes, tutorials, pretty pics for baking inspiration and lots of baking tips. So don't go anywhere :)

Greetings from beautiful Austria!!


  1. Have fun! I'm sorry I didn't get you my guest post on time. It's finished now, so if you still want to use it when you get back please let me know. I have it all ready to go for you :).


  2. Thanks ladies! Aubree, I will send you a message about your guestpost :)