Thursday, 5 September 2013

Throwback thursday: Brussels trip

Hi everyone! You know what day it is...thursday, so that means another fun throwback post. In 2010 I visited a Swedish friend who was living in Brussels at the time. I stayed there for a weekend and had a lovely time, seeing the sights and visiting bars/pubs. And the weather was lovely to, so that was a big plus. Belgium is a great country for a short holday for us is so close, but still sooo different. I really love it!

Beautiful building in the heart of Brussels

City tower, with my friend on the far right

A lovely fleamarket

Pretty cathedral

Aaaand another pretty building haha

The famous market square

And the even mnore famous statue of Manneke Pis

Me and my friend, me with weird hair lol

In front of the pretty cathedral


  1. yess Belgium is the perfect cheap holiday destination for us Dutchies :P I'll have to visit Brussels again, I did Antwerp this year but Brussells is also kind of cool!

    1. Yep, Belgium rocks haha. I love Antwerp too! I really want to visit Leuven as well, it looks very nice.