Monday, 30 September 2013

Back home!

Hi everyone, how have you been??! I am still recovering from the trip home from Austria to Holland, all in all it was close to 12 hours in the car. With breaks and trafficjams included though. I am knackered. Buuuut, I had an awesome holiday in the beautiful Austria. I love the lakes and especially the mountains, so impressive. Alot of the treecovered hills were already getting some of thier fall colours, so nice. And the weather was great! First week it was a bit chilly but the second week was alot of sunshine! I will share lots of pics with you for the coming days, with stories and memories that go with them. For now I will share some pictures of the high mountains, near the lake called Lunersee. It isn't photoshopped, the lake is really that amazing colour! Have a good day everyone!