Monday, 9 July 2012

Circus in town

From wednesday to sunday we had some special visitors in our local park. Circus Renaissance, a circus with artists from all over the world! All their trailers were set up next to the very big tent.
I took my camera with me to see the animals that have travelled with them. On the news it said that there were three baby tigers! So ofcourse I just had to see them. Acces to the animals was surprisingly easy. You could just step onto the trailerpark and the animals were there, in their cages. I know this is, for alot of people, a very sensitive subject. It is the same for me. I am a big animal lover and it always hurts me to see wild animals in cages. But when I got there, the tigers seemed content and defenitely looked great. I am not an expert ofcourse, but it is a hope that maybe they don't seem to mind being there?! I will always feel a bit devided about it.
Putting all those emotions aside, I still was very much in awe with these beautiful creatures!!
There was also a beautiful elephant on the grounds, who was equally impressive.
Seeing these gorgeous animals and all the artists in their oufits walking around waiting for their moment in the show. Somehow that way of life fascinates me. Travelling around the world, performing for people and making them happy with your show. I have been a balletdancer for 13 years, so I kind of know what that sensation feels like. I can't help but be intrigued by it.

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  1. I am like you! Fascinated and charmed by the idea but a little concerned about the animals. It IS good that they help bring the experience of seeing animals to so many people who may then go on to help them in other areas.