Sunday, 15 July 2012

A first: crafting cards

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend. I am having a very relaxed few days, watching movies (finally saw the King's Speech) and doing some crafting. It's a first for me to make cards and I would like to share the endresuslt with you. The design of the cards is quite simple, due to it being my first time! Do hope you like these.

I had alot of fun making them, so I will defenitely be making more very soon. The craftingbug has bitten me. What have you been doing this weekend? And do you like crafting? Let me know in the comments, would love to hear from you!


  1. Hey Susie, these look cute! We should craft together some day, I have enough stuff for the both of us (and then 1000 other ppl :P).

  2. I've been visiting with my bf, he lives about 40 miles away & I usually only get to see him on the weekend. :/
    I love making things by hand & I've been recycling & repurposing stuff for years. I give away about 90% of what I make! :D
    Have fun making your own cards! ;)

  3. Thanks Andy, sounds like you had a nice weekend with the bf:)

    We should Ania! We will have to pick a date again soon.


  4. I love making cards! I always save scraps of papers and pretty packaging for use in cards later. =)

    1. I totally do the same Kelsea! I still have wrappingpaper from my birthday :p I keep it all!

      xx Susie