Monday, 2 July 2012

I love Efteling

Efteling is a fairytale themepark and the oldest themepark in Holland. Designed by Dutchman Anton Pieck, it started as a small recreational playground for kids. Since than, 60 years later, it has become the biggest themepark in Holland and still hasn't lost any charm. It is by far my favourite themepark. It has some great rides, a fairytale forest with all the well known fairytales like Snowwhite, Little red riding hood and Sleeping beauty. My favourite ride is called Droomvlucht, or in English Dreamflight. It takes you through a beautiful world of fairies, trolls, trees, flowers and aircastles! I always feel like a kid again when I visit Efteling. Here are some pictures of the park. I did not take these pictures and do not own them! If you want to see or learn more of the park, please visit

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