Sunday, 28 October 2012

Snail mail exchange is here!

Hi my friends! As promised, a new snail mail exchange is here at the end of a lovely snail mail week. I really hope you enjoyed my snail mail posts over the last couple of days. And ever more so, I hope you got inspired to start writing and sending out some snail mail.

In July I held my first snail mail exchange and got alot of positive feedback on that, which was awesome! So what better way to end the snail mail week and start a new season in the year then with a new snail mail exchange?! Here are the 'rules'.

If you want to participate, please be a follower of this blog.
Leave me your emailadress in a comment.
We exchange homeadresses through email and then the fun starts.

You can choose between three options:
1) Receive a postcard/ handmade card from me
2) Receive a letter from me
3) Receive a postcard/handmade card and a letter from me

Whichever of the options you choose, you will have to return the favour. I would love to receive the same from you! And don't worry, we do not have to be life long penpals after this, it's just fun to receive something pretty in the mail right?!


  1. Hi. I don't currently have a blog (will be working on one when we move) but I hope I can still swap letters with you.I will however tell my oldest daughter about your blog since she has a letter blog - I have so much I could write about. :) If interested, please email me at reneealam(at) Thanks!

  2. I would love to do a post card swap! Esther Norine Designs

  3. I would love to do option 3. Do we have to do a blank postcard/handmade card or can it be written on? themarchowl at gmail dot com

    1. Thank you ladies! I have sent you all an email.

      xx Susie

  4. I know, I am inexcusably late in checking this post! But let's do this please, near the end of the month maybe?

    I still need to post our exchange on my blog... haha. I am so behind on everything!! Working on catching up!


    1. Sure Kels! That is totally fine :)
      Take your time;)