Thursday, 18 October 2012

Draw your day result!

Last week I premiered the start of creative challenges on my blog. Draw you day was the challenge of last week. And today is the day I share my result with you all! As you may know by now, I am not great at drawing at all, but I had fun anyway! I drew my tuesday, where I had some fun baking at the icecreamshop. I hope that those who had joined me in this challenge will post a link in the comments so I can see your results too! Tomorrow I will post a new creative challenge, so stay tuned for that.


  1. Oh! Silly me, I misunderstood your blog post earlier!!!!! I thought it was to sign up for a challenge that was going to happen *LOL* I did not realise I signed up for it already by commenting.

    Hmm... How should I make up for my mistake? :D

  2. Ow my! I am sorry Juanita! Maybe I didn't explain it well enough..I defenitely will keep that in mind for today's new challenge :)
    I will be sure to do another draw your day in the near future, so you are free to join me then!!