Thursday, 20 June 2013

Prague in pictures, day 2!

Hi everyone!! Oh my, I am so happy to be back with a proper internet connection. Today it was finally fixed, so I was without internet on my laptop for a bit over a week. I have some catching up to do! I hope everyone is ok and happy. I already posted some pictures of my stay in Prague, so today I will continue with more! I hope you enjoy these! Happy to be back online!! More pics soon and my bday list as well. So stay here for many more to come.

They have beautiful houses in Prague!

The impressive Prague castle

The best and cutest shop in Prague

They had the best cookies!

The city of Prague in cookies! Amazing!

More cookies, it's a dream right? Haha

The shop, I bought some cookiecutters and cookies

Lovely view and a nice climb to the Prague castle

Made it to the top!

Prague was filled with toyshops with these dolls

The language is hard to understand! We mostly had no clue lol

We ate some amazing cakes in the same cookieshop seen in the pics. Delish!

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