Thursday, 6 June 2013

Leaving for Prague tomorrow!

Hi everyone! I have just finished packing most of the things I will need for my trip to Prague tomorrow. I am really excited, I have never been in Prague before and I have heard that it is a really beautiful city. At first there were some doubts if we could go (we had booked already though) because of major floods in East Europe, including Prague. The water is still quite high, but I just read on the touristinformation website that visitors are welcome and the city is safe. Wow, what a relief!! 
I will celebrate my birthday in Prague, which will be on monday. We are most likely going to visit the zoo and botanical gardens that day. I always love zoos! Wherever I go, I can never skip a zoo! So it will be perfect for my birthday. For the next five days it will be quiet here on the blog, but I will have some great pictures and stories to share with you afterwards. And I will have to check the resolutions I had made on my birthday last year, see if I need to adjust anything. Will defenitely share that list with you as well. For now, have a great week, and weekend! And 'see' you all again next week!

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  1. Looks so beautiful! I'm sure you will have an amazing time. Happy early birthday hun! :)