Saturday, 22 June 2013

My birthday resolution list

Resolutions are usually made at xmas or new year right? I make mine on my birthday, so I can check in december how far I have come. You can see the post I wrote about this in December right here. My birthday I celebrated in Prague this year, on June 10! It was alot of fun! We did some shopping and ate amazing Asian food and finished the day at the old town square, sipping a tea and enjoying the view! 

Our nighttime view at the old town square
I would like to share my list of last year's resolutions. See how far I have gotten with granting all these wishes of mine!
Be a better cook: Ok, so I have tried some new recipes. And I cook quite a bit, but to say I am a better cook? Not yet hahaha. I am working on it though! I want to be a bit more versitile when it comes to cooking. 
Bake more and become better at it: This wish I have defenitely granted for myself! With my work at the bakery and baking aloooot at home I can say I have become alot better at it. I actually have something really fun to share very soon that is baking related! Can't say just yet, but stay on the look out. I can reveal sometime next week!
Be more creative and more often: I always want to be more creative. I used to paint alot and write poems. Right now I draw every now and then and I like making my own cards. I would like to be creative more often though. I need to make some space in my agenda for 'creative time'! 
Work out more: This is always the hard one! I have some weights that I now use while working out. And I do work our every now and again hahaha. Not enough though. I need to kick myself in the bum and get myself to the gym. I really need to...
Create a blog with interesting posts and loyal followers: I am very happy to say that with GFC and Bloglovin' I now have 201 followers! Amazing! And I have almost reached 11.000 views in under a year. Thank you all so much for being here and reading my posts! I do hope you find them interesting :) The blog's 1st anniversary is almost coming up!! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings you, me and this blog!!

New resolutions
Promote webshop more and add new interesting items to shop. With my baking and travelling (both too much fun!) I have been neglecting my webshop way too much. I really want to make more of an effort to sell cute and interesting items and to promote my webshop more.

I have one other new resolution, but I cannot share it just yet as it has to do with my baking surprise! I am very excited and will share more very soon. Happy saturday dears!

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