Thursday, 27 June 2013

Prague zoo, pics of the flooded but still beautiful zoo!

Hi friends! On my last day in lovely Prague me and my friend went to visit the local zoo. The lowest parts of the zoo were flooded, but the upper parts were still open to public. All the entry money would go to the rebuilding of the zoo, so that was an extra reason for us to go. The weather was beautiful this day, with at least 25 degrees Celcius. The zoo was really nice, still lots of animals there as some were relocated because of the high water. Some that I had never seen before, like wolves and hyena's! And they had this really cool jungle part, with monkey's and a Comodolizard. There was even a waterfall. We had a great time there, too bad that night we already had to leave for home again!

The amazing view from the zoo!

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