Monday, 24 June 2013

Prague in pictures; day 2 and 3

Hi everyone! Did you have a good weekend? I did some shopping with my mum and boughts some pants on sale. Gotta love sale! Yesterday was just a relaxed day, the weather was so bad, so I decided to watch Game of Thrones again from season 1. It's another year untill season 4, yikes! How to cope?!
I have some new pics of Prague for you. Some from day 2, as that was a day filled with activities. On day 3 we took a small train to the top of a hill and visited a park. The weather then turned really bad, and we stayed in the hotel alot. Day 2 we visited the castle, as you have seen in the previous post. But also a parc with birds of prey and the Jewish district. I hope you like these pictures! More to come soon, from the Prague zoo and many more.

The beautiful Prague castle

The birds of prey show

Small owl at the birds show

Me on a rockformation in the parc

Synagoge at the Jewish district
Another synagoge

Beautiful view with the bad weather coming!

The trainrails on the hill

The parc on the hill, with impressive buildings

A small version of the Eiffeltower on the hill in Prague

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