Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Finally in bloom!

Hi friends! Today was a lovely day here in Holland. Sunshine and high temperatures. A perfect day to take some pictures in my backgarden. All the flowers in my garden are finally starting to bloom, whcih is quite late in the year. But I always enjoy these times, when everything is blooming. All those amazing colours!

My raspberries are looking yummie! And there are aloooot of them this year! Great to use in my baking!
I also had a visitor in the garden, while I was taking my pictures.


  1. Awww what a precious little kitty! The flowers are sooo beautiful, especially the first ones. So cool that you have raspberries, they must be sooo yummy!

    1. Hey Ang! Great to see you here :D The raspberries are amazing. I use them in my cupcakes and smoothies now. And there are loads of them this year, yay!