Tuesday, 30 July 2013

{LIFE} Snapshots of life

Ok, let's pretend today is monday and this post is on time :) I have a few of my snapshots for you! It has been another hot week, with high temperatures and being lazy in the garden. I took a trip to one of my favourite cities: Delft, and did some more baking for Sweetie Pies. In an upcoming post I will share some pictures of Delft! It has wonderful canals and a beautiful cityhall. So keep checking back :D Have a great day everyone!
Blowing bubbles!

Baked a lemon-cream pie for Sweetie Pies

At Delft, having a drink with a dear friend

Received some pretty flowers from a neighbour after looking after her cat

Some letters from my new penpals, love it!

My raspberryplant in the backyard is delevering, yummmm