Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's always time for tea

Hello my friends! As you may know I loooove tea. I drink it all day, every day. And in all flavours possible. I had lemonpie tea a few days ago and today I had caramalised pear tea. So gooood! On a side note; these teas will be sold in my webshop shortly! I have some fun and cute pictures to share today, all in the name of teatime! I hope you like them, in the meantime enjoy your tea dears!


  1. Oh man I really love tea, as does my sister. We have 3 boxes full of tea in the house haha. I didn't really like the lemonpie (assuming it's the Pickwick one?) but oooooh the Caramelised Pear is so so so good!

    1. Ooow I love the lemonpie one, nice and fresh! But yeah, caramalised pear is my fave :D I live on tea haha.