Wednesday, 2 October 2013

{Pics} The first day in Austria, tour of the home

Hi everyone. On the first day of our stay in Austria we didn't do too much. We were still a bit tired from the journey to get there, so we stayed near the house we rented. As we stayed in the same house two years ago, it was all still familiar. We even saw the same cat that was there two years ago as well! Such a sweet red and white cat, she came out to greet us! The weather the first few days wasn't that great, a bit chilly. We took alot of pics from the surroundings near our home, to remember it for later. So when you look at the pics, you feel like you are in the house again. We still miss the views! In my first batch of pictures you will some lovely views, and the immensly cute cats that surrounded the house too!

The sweetest cat in the village, we called her kittycat

The cute black cat sat in front of our window, whenever we opened it he was in the house!

This is the village across from where we were

Waiting for us to open the door and be let inside!

The village's church

And another cutie, sitting in our yard!

The view near the church

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